I look at the fact he has stayed there and got some

If he wins 10 games a year. Well, you do the math. It’s do able. But there should be a lot of commending of the fact he has been there 10 years.”I know he has two relegations on his watch, but so have West Ham. I look at the fact he has stayed there and got some stability back into the club, he managed to keep Benitez.”It was interesting to listen to him earlier on in the season when Benitez was harping on about what he could have and what he should have.”The moment Ashley came out and said ‘I can’t write cheques out’, I knew he was looking for the exit sign.”This is an interesting one for Newcastle fans. I don’t mean to be disrespectful but I spent a lot of time with Freddy Shepherd, Douglas Hall and Sir John Hall and listened to this story about how Newcastle are a big club.”I always said ‘yes they are a big club in Newcastle’.(Image: 2007 AFP)”This expectation that Newcastle fans sometimes have of their club is unrealistic.

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